Joe Manchin

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Protecting core programs for seniors and veterans

Our seniors and veterans are two groups of people who have done so much to make this nation great, and I believe that we must keep our promises to them and help them keep their quality of life.

After hearing about the unacceptably high unemployment rate among our veterans, I started the Senate Veterans Jobs Caucus with my friend Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) The caucus brings people together to make sure that our skilled veterans have jobs waiting when they come home. Our signature initiative is the “I Hire Veterans” project, and businesses across this country are proudly displaying a logo that has been called the new yellow ribbon.

When it comes to seniors, I believe that we must keep our promises to them – and we cannot cut the core of programs like Social Security and Medicare. I have and will fight to make sure that Social Security doesn’t lose its funding stream and I oppose efforts to reduce the benefits that people have worked their whole lives to receive.