Joe Manchin

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Putting our fiscal house back in order

As Governor, I saw firsthand how much life improved for West Virginians after the state fixed its finances under my administration’s leadership – and I believe this country can do the same thing.

I believe that one of our greatest concerns and opportunities is getting the federal government’s financial house in order, so we don’t leave our country in worse shape for the next generation. I support making the federal government finally live within its means, and I have sponsored measures to offer a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. I was also the first Democrat to stand up and say I wouldn’t vote to raise the debt ceiling unless there was a path to start fixing our finances.

I wasn’t sent to Washington to get the next generation into more debt – I was sent to Washington to get them out of debt. I support a bipartisan framework for cutting our spending, reducing our debt and restoring our fiscal accountability for the next generation.