Joe Manchin

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Developing a sound energy policy

In West Virginia, we are well-known for producing the coal that powers this country, but we are also proud to use all the vast resources in our state: natural gas, wind, biomass, hydroelectric, solar and wind. It’s time for this country to start doing the same.

I truly believe that we need to rein in the EPA, stop demonizing the one resource that produces nearly half our power – coal – and develop a comprehensive national energy plan that uses all our domestic resources to achieve energy independence. We also need to stop getting our oil from countries that want to do us harm.

Whether it was a Governor or Senator, I have worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to take a more commonsense approach to energy in this country. Whether it is supporting construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline – an issue with support from both labor and business groups – or allowing more domestic drilling or reining in the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA, I have worked on dozens of measures to put some sense into how this country produces energy.

I also believe that we need to balance our economy and the environment, and I am proud to work with Democrats and Republicans to develop a responsible approach to cleaner energy that doesn’t cost good jobs here at home.

Protecting core programs for seniors and veterans