Joe Manchin

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My Priorities

I am proud and honored to have spent most of my life serving the people of West Virginia, and I’ve never lost touch with the challenges of taking care of a family, getting a good paycheck and creating a better life for the next generation.

That’s why, as Senator, I’m going to continue to do exactly what I did as Governor: help fix our nation’s financial problems, bring people together and stand up for commonsense. Just like families in West Virginia do every day.

After a year and a half in the nation’s capitol, I’m proud that I’ve already been ranked as one of the most bipartisan lawmakers in the country – and that’s because my commonsense approach on energy, jobs and fiscal responsibility has support from both parties.

Whether it was as Senator, Governor, or a state lawmaker, I have always said that this country has to prioritize our budgets based on our values. From the day I took the oath of office, I outlined a commonsense agenda with four major priorities where I have and will focus my attention and energy: