Joe Manchin

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Senator encourages the winner of the Presidential race to start 50-state tour to bring the country together, starting in West Virginia

Senator thanks West Virginians for their faith, confidence and support for a full term

Fairmont, W.Va. – Moments after winning a full term in the U.S. Senate, Joe Manchin spoke to hundreds of supporters, urging all Americans to come together, put politics aside and put the country first. Senator Manchin asked the winner of the Presidential race to embark on a 50-state tour to heal partisan divisions.

Senator Manchin thanked the people of West Virginia for their continued faith and confidence in his efforts to work across the aisle on commonsense solutions to the problems facing the nation.

“The people of West Virginia have once again given me their faith and confidence, and I am thankful to have six more years to fight for you. I also thank my opponents – John Raese and Bob Henry Baber – for a spirited campaign and for participating in our great democracy.

“I am going back to Washington more determined than ever to move this country forward, bring people together, get this economy growing stronger, put our financial house in order and create an energy plan that works – just like we did in West Virginia.

“When a Farmington boy goes to Washington, he learns a lot. I learned that common sense is not too common in Washington and that West Virginians could show people a thing or two about common sense – and working together. Whoever the people of this country have chosen as our President, I hope that he would go on a healing tour of this nation – because we truly need healing after this political division and bickering. And I encourage him to come to West Virginia first. My commitment to whoever is our President is that I will work with you to rebuild America.

“The campaign is over, and now is the time for us to put the past behind us and move ahead to a brighter future. Now is the time for us to build on the foundation our grandparents and parents built for us – and make sure we leave this country in better shape for the next generation. Now is the time for us to roll up our sleeves and work side by side to rebuild America. We all face the same challenges tomorrow, but we will face them together, as Americans. I believe that there are just as many Republicans and Democrats who want the same thing – to bring this country together. Because I still believe in an American Dream where our future can be brighter than our past.”