Joe Manchin

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Whether as Governor or Senator, I have always stood up for what’s right for West Virginia and this country. I am a true West Virginian who is bringing our commonsense values to our nation’s capital, where I’m bringing people from all the political parties together to put our country first. My agenda is drawing support from members of both political parties. Here’s a closer look at what I’m is standing up for:

Standing up for Seniors

I am protecting the long-term solvency of Social Security from those who want to raid the program for short-term political gain – and I fought hard against reducing contributions to Social Security. I believe that we must keep our promises to seniors, and protecting Social Security and Medicare is one of my top priorities.

Standing up for Fairness

I am fighting to make sure that everyone in this country pays their fair share, and that no one gets unfair loopholes, credits or exemptions when it comes to paying their taxes. I supported the Buffett Rule, so that people who make $1 million or more a year pay at least the same rate as hardworking middle income Americans. I also support bipartisan efforts to create meaningful tax reform that make our entire system more fair.

Standing up for Coal

I am working to lead the effort to develop a comprehensive national energy plan – and that includes using coal, the most abundant, reliable and affordable source of energy we have. I believe this country needs to use all the sources we have without demonizing one resource, and I have introduced or sponsored dozens of bills to rein in the EPA and create a commonsense approach to energy.

Standing up for Jobs

I am fighting hard for every job in West Virginia and this country. I voted against three trade deals that will send 250,000 jobs overseas. I am pushing to get Americans back to work rebuilding this country, especially critical infrastructure like roads, bridges and schools. I am supporting legislation that would force the government to be an ally, not an adversary.

Standing up for Women

I was a proud cosponsor of the Violence Against Women Act, which provides provides funding to help prevent domestic abuse. I believe that standing up for people when they are vulnerable is one of the core values of this country, and protecting women and children from abuse is one of my top priorities.

Standing up for Veterans and Servicemembers

I am fighting for our servicemembers and veterans. I started the Senate Veterans Jobs Caucus, and its signature initiative – the “I Hire Veterans” project – has been called the new yellow ribbon to support our troops. I helped write the bill that gave the brave men and women who are serving this country a well-deserved pay raise. I believe we need to cut fat out of our defense budgets, not muscle, and I am working to reduce our reliance on expensive service contractors and invest those resources in our own military.

Standing up for the Next Generation

I am working hard to get this country’s fiscal house in order, just like I did when I was Governor. I believe we must protect programs like Social Security while making sure that we don’t put the next generation into debt. I was the first Democrat to say I wouldn’t raise our country’s debt ceiling without a plan in place to fix our finances and I am bringing people together across party lines to get this country to live within its means.